VARUS announced the start of the “Digital transformation” project

Kyiv, 7 August, 2018 – following its “digitalisation strategy” in Ukraine, VARUS retail network announced the launch of a chat-bot in Viber messenger. The bot can digitize VARUS loyalty cards, show promotions, allows to locate nearest stores, evaluate the service quality, get in touch with a contact-center and login to personal account.

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18,000 clients added VARUS loyalty card on the first day of the bot launch. In a week VARUS had 60,000 customers who registered their cards in the bot. As the next step, VARUS plans to launch digital loyalty cards issuance, without any plastic.

The first statistics shows, that clients love bot more than web-site: the bot is being used by 100 customers at any given moment. That is 2 times more customers, than there are people on the web-site.

In a month VARUS bot became #2 channel for customer feedback, bypassing such old channels as social networks, web-site and guestbook in a shop (so far, phone line remains #1 channel for the feedback). In July clients sent 1500 questions to VARUS contact-center through the bot.

Also VARUS started using bot to conduct quality surveys right after customer’s transaction in the shop. Alongside with purchase notification, customer gets the question, if he was satisfied with his shopping experience. If the client is not happy, he immediately gets a call from the contact-center to follow up on the issue. Clients are willingly evaluating the work of VARUS supermarket. 30% of the customers who received notification are replying with their feedback through the bot. VARUS is receiving 4000 feedbacks every day.


VARUS bot was created on the basis of Middleware technologies stack: Corezoid Process Engine, Deepmemo Rules Engine, Sender Communication Engine. VARUS laid the foundation for the “digital core” of the company. VARUS business analysts now can set up and change business processes in a fast and agile manner, experiment with new ideas, constantly improving the quality of service and company’s business indicators.

“Corezoid gave us ability to generate new ideas and test assumptions fast, receive real-time feedback from customers and manage client experience in agile manner”, - says Oleg Spirin VARUS Deputy marketing director, Digital chief.


VARUS is a national retail chain, that consists from 66 super-markets with a total space of 74,000 m2, and belongs to “Omega” company. The first super-market of the chain opened in 2003 in Dnipro city. Now VARUS is working in 13 cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Dnipro, Kryvyi Rig, Zaporizhya, Pavlograd, Kamyanske, Nikopol, Novomoskovsk, Marganets, Dolynske, Pershotravensk, Vyshgorod, Brovary. In a course of last 4 years (2014-2017) VARUS is a constant winner of “Retail awards” as the best supermarket chain in Dnipro. VARUS supermarkets belong to the largest FMCG-chain the country in terms of turnover according to Ukrainian Retailers Association.

About Middleware

Middleware Inc. company (the USA) was founded in 2014. Middleware Inc. owns technologies Corezoid Process Engine, Sender Communication Engine, Deepmemo Rules Engine, Share.CreditCard. Middleware works with large Clients and Partners worldwide. Middleware offices are located in the USA (California, Redwood), Ukraine (Dnipro). Key clients: Western Union, METRO Cash&Carry, Avon, Philip Morris, TBC Bank, Tsesna bank, 1+1, AVIAS, PUMB, A-Bank, TASCombank, Vostok Bank, Kernel, Varus, Comfy, Allo. Key Partner: Visa, Viber, Amazon AWS.

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