Want to be a tech tycoon?

Build your digital core and rule the technologies!

Master the software jungle

Every company has dozens of software solutions from various vendors. Corezoid can become your zookeeper for these software, uniting diverse species into a single effectively managed ecosystem.

Manage external APIs and create your own

There are millions of APIs and each has its unique protocol. Corezoid is a universal metalanguage that allows for fast creation and management of existing APIs using a single interface.

Use any public code in the world, written in any language

Why reinvent the wheel? Almost all code is already there. Corezoid helps finding required code in any git-repository and launching it as a part of your project.

Focus on the process rather than writing code

You can move your business logic from legacy code to Corezoid processes in order to speed up creation of new products and lower support cost.

Control the “IoT jungle”

The world is filled with hundreds of thousands of devices from various vendors, each having its own protocol. Corezoid aids in merging this “hardware zoo” into a unified ecosystem with effective means of management.

Control and automate communications

Customers want to communicate with businesses via dozens of channels. Corezoid helps to manage all of the channels and to automate communication using robots.

Keep everything under control!

Lack of control is one of the key problems facing companies. Control.events helps you effectively monitor and manage events that occur both inside and outside your company. Control any type of events: projects and tasks within the company, meetings on calendars, contract stages with partners and contractors, and much more. Thanks to Corezoid, you can integrate Control.events with an unlimited number of event sources.

Manage company information and knowledge

Company information and knowledge are hidden in data and stored in dozens of separate softwares with different formats. Cloud expert system DeepMemo will help to connect data from different sources into a single repository, extract information and knowledge from raw data to make better and more effective decisions: from super personalization to anti-fraud.

Manage leads, customers, employees, partners, suppliers...

Transfer people management technology to Corezoid: create sales funnels, manage customer life cycles, suppliers and inventory; track fulfillment and non-fulfillment of KPIs and employee tasks.

Serverless computing

“Banking is essential, banks are not” (c) Bill Gates

Admit it, you need the results of the computing, but not the process. Create and run algorithms of any complexity with Corezoid cloud that is secure and autoscales.