Use any public code in the world, written in any language

Why reinvent the wheel, when the code you need is already out there. Corezoid helps you find the required code in any git-repository and launch it as a part of your project.

Run code from any public or private repositories

80% of code was already written. Find what you’re looking for and use it. Launch any code from GIT with Corezoid in just a couple of clicks.

Repository code as a part of a process

Does your process lack functionality? Just add a GIT Call node and you can use repository code as part of your process.

Any programming language

Corezoid supports all popular programming languages, such as JS, Java, Go, Python, C++, C# ...

Hosting without hosting

You found the necessary code on GIT, but how do you put it to good use? With Corezoid you just have to specify the repository address and build commands.

Native horizontal scaling

Scaling shouldn’t be a hassle - Corezoid takes care of it for you. When the load increases, we automatically increase the server capacity and allow it to scale up to the maximum allowed by your pricing plan.
How Corezoid helps our clients
Based on Corezoid, METRO developed a mobile application and a chat-bot in the Viber messenger. The bot provides the issuance of METRO membership cards just in 1 click, instead of filling in questionnaires and getting plastic cards. Also, thanks to Corezoid, METRO can communicate with customers using personalized trigger-based notifications.
Marina Voloshina,
Head of CRM at METRO
In terms of technology, I confess, we tried to look for alternatives to Corezoid but realized that there are no alternatives to it at the moment. We build processes in Corezoid whenever we feel that we need dynamics, whenever there is a desire to change something almost every day, to experiment on the fly, to run several different options of a business process with a final assessment of efficiency.
Alexander Nikolenko,
Deputy Chairman of the Board