Online ride-sharing service Uklon and Middleware Inc. announced the beginning of a technological partnership


July 13. – Online ride-sharing service Uklon and Middleware Inc. (the USA) announced the start of cooperation. Uklon will use Middleware technologies – Corezoid Process Engine, Sender Communication Engine to run Omnichannel contact-center and setup agile CRM processes. As the first step, Uklon launched online consultations in chat for drivers. Uklon passengers will be able to chat with customer support using popular messengers as well.

We like the flexibility of Corezoid and the speed of setting up business processes based on Corezoid”, – says Helen Orlova, Head of CRM at Uklon. “Using the APIs provided by messenger platforms and APIs developed by the Uklon IT team, we were able to quickly integrate with Viber and Telegram messengers, which are the most popular in Ukraine. Also we set up the communications in a course of the client’s life cycle. The plans are to configure a full-fledged omni-channel marketing communications engine involving push and sms messages, e-mail, instant messengers and other channels that are convenient for our customers.

Corezoid bot-platform allows customers to easily set up business processes, that work simultaneously in all the globally popular messengers: Viber, Telegram, Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messages, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and others,” – says Max Bondar, Head of Global Partnerships.

Middleware technologies allow companies to create their own “digital core” – a space for conducting multiple real time experiments and improving business processes.

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