Jooble and Middleware Inc. announced the beginning of cooperation

January 16, 2020, Kyiv, – Jooble and Middleware Inc. (the USA) announced the beginning of cooperation aimed at the creation of a “digital core" of the company. Jooble is an international job search engine that works in 71 countries and supports more than 24 languages. Over the past 12 months, the number of visits to the service has exceeded 900 million visits.

The project will be implemented based on Corezoid Process Engine technology. Jooble has already built Viber-bot for employers, launched notifications about new responses to open positions, launched chat for technical support and personal operator’s account. Customer lifecycle management system has been developed. Also Jooble established a trigger system of notifications about the status of the client, which is now a part of the Jooble communication calendar.

Jooble responds to dozens of triggers and events that occur with the employer: low account balance, replenishment of the balance, lack of activity for n-days, the pace of spendings (growth/decrease of the balance), quality of the content. For example, if full information is not indicated in the job description, Jooble operator will receive a notification and will contact the employer to clarify the data.

“Our team is working every day to improve the product for employers and job seekers. By introducing new technologies and solutions, we follow the main goal of our company – to help people find jobs. Corezoid enabled Jooble to quickly test new ideas, validate assumptions and constantly experiment to improve the service based on user feedback,” – says Irina Palienko, Head of Customer Development, Jooble.

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