Middleware Inc. and Confero Technologies announced the beginning of partnership


Redwood - Riga, September 22, 2020 - Middleware (the USA) and Confero Technologies (Latvia) announced the start of cooperation. Confero Technologies will use Middleware technologies Corezoid Process Engine, Deepmemo Rules Engine, Sender Communication Engine, Control.Events to work on digital transformation projects.

Confero Technologies offers a comprehensive IT service and develops its own software products for enterprises and financial institutions: Internet Bank, Open Banking, Online Office and others. Confero Technologies integrates systems of any complexity, provides services for professional testing, quality control and information systems support.

In information system integration projects we are already using several technologies and platforms offering our clients the option fitting best for them. And we are happy to add Corezoid Process Engine platform to our bucket. It is already available to our clients. The simplicity and speed of configuring automated actions in processes is an important advantage of Corezoid, which makes the routine of a company adjustable and easily manageable”, – says Roland Tsitaev, Executive Director of Confero Technologies.

Corezoid technology accelerates time-to-market for new products and speeds up introducing of the changes into existing services. Using Corezoid, business analysts of companies can connect any APIs, build business processes, launch prototypes and continually improve them based on customer feedback. Corezoid allows companies to create their own “digital core” and solve the problem of integrating siloed software into a coherent manageable digital ecosystem. Corezoid also helps reduce the cost of maintaining legacy software and accelerates the conquering of the new markets.

The Corezoid platform is used by Philip Morris, Western Union, Glovo, Sanofi, Blue Finance, Mambu, FUIB Bank, Monobank, Vostok bank and other companies from different industries and regions of the world. Middleware is AWS Advanced Technology Partner (Financial Services Competency); Messaging Service Provider for Apple Business Chat and Google Business Messages.

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