Case 4: Restoring communications with customers

Previous scheme Scheme via Corezoid
Technical reworks of processes — 7-15 days Technical reworks of processes — 1-3 days
Launching communication events — 5-10 days Launching communication events — 1 day
Contract-cancellation processing — 24 hr. Contract-cancellation processing — 1 hr.
Analysis and dashboard elaboration — 5-12 hr. Analysis and dashboard elaboration — 0.5 hr.

Mr. Konstantin Konovalov, a specialist on business process enhancement:

We have transferred all our processes to Corezoid. Previously, the entire process was built through a bunch of communication events, which we carried out by means of technical projects after applying to IT-developers. They made for us sortings from the total customer database of those customers that did not use the card for more than 90 days. It was uncomfortable and very prolonged. Now, you can see how many customers come to us, how many we have moved into active states. Plus, we have several levels of communications, for example, we sent a message to a client, wait 30 days for his reaction, and then continue to work with him depending on his response to the message. Previously, on every stage we needed to request a sorting from the database, and now all these chains are available in Corezoid.

Plus, if a customer does not use the card for 180 days, the contract is cancelled. Previously, it was all done through sortings, now we see daily online statistics and automatically cancel contracts.

We can see all the data that we need to restore the connection. For example, we can send a message to a person that on his bonus account there are UAH 300, and he/she can spend them. It is beneficial both to us and the customer.


I need to apply to programmers 3 times a week as new challenges arise. Sometimes I ask to help in the construction of logics, but more often API are necessary.

My working process has accelerated by 30% percent, and I still continue to train. My first processes I started to maintain by myself after two-three weeks. I do not utilise the manual, but I would advise my colleagues who just begin to build processes in Corezoid, to check the manual.

Using Corezoid it definitely becomes much easier, because now we may run various experiments on restoring communications. You can «catch» a customer at a every stage of his/her interaction with the Bank and determine how to build communication properly. Finalising tests of one communication type (message, call etc.), I am able to realise how well it works and to decide what I should do next. Earlier such instantaneous experiment was impossible.

I underestimated! Actually, work has accelerated not by 30%, but probably by 50-60% :) The first 2-3 weeks were really hard, but now I realise how much it has simplified my workflow. Any change can be performed in minutes.

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