Case 2: Control of newsletter-emailing.

Previous scheme Scheme via Corezoid
Meetings (3 persons) — 1.5 hr. Meetings (2 persons) — 0.5 hr.
Approval of technical project & content (6 persons) — 3 days Approval of technical project & content (3 persons) — 3 days
Customisation (2-3 persons) — 3 days Customisation by user — 0.5 hr.
Testing — 1 day

Mr. Vladislav Zagniy, project manager on email-communications:

Previously, I had to go to a dozen meetings: in the IT department, in CRM-system Department, with analysts. I needed to discuss and to record all business logics of sending letters, to compile a separate technical project for each department. While, in a technical project all details cannot not stipulated, so later you need to write an updated technical project, and so on. IT developers usually elaborate their projects rather slowly, so these small tasks can be missed in the heap of higher priority projects. Sometimes, it is necessary to wait for six months for some small update to be done.

Previously, in approving an emailing I listed a dozen issues, for example: to send it only at 11 a.m., email only to women younger than 25 years old etc. Now, only content is to be approved. So, significantly fewer people are involved in its approval. After it’s agreed, I by myself via Corezoid.

Corezoid has simplified the process. Corezoid provided me with the set of services that can be accessed for receiving responses from a customer, to get a customer’s indicator, to email some communication to a customer. Any message can be emailed 24/7, the sender (Me) does not depend on anybody. If, for example, the customer opened the letter, but did not click, you can immediately send him another one.

All processes are done in Corezoid: sending emails, receiving subscriptions to email-boxes, A/B tests. Management of all the Bank’s e-mails is made right in my browser. I don’t need to receive customer sortings any more, as in this system all customers are already distributed by their states.


I need to transfer customer data to Corezoid only one time, and later I may do with this information what I need. My period of adaptation to the system lasted for a month approximately. In the beginning, I had talks with its technical director and we concluded that all this information should be uploaded into the blog for all staff whose processes were transferred to Corezoid.

My dependency on IT-developers has decreased significantly. Now I apply to them only when I need to compile an API. For example, there was the situation of the date received in the wrong format “YY / MM / DD”, while it should be “DD / MM / YY”.

How much has work accelerated after Corezoid’s launch? You see, now everything depends on me. So, for every person this increase indicator is individual.


For example, the task «to send a letter within 36 hours after product subscription» has arisen. Previously, I should go to many talks, to compile a technical project for developers. Now, I can do it all by myself.

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