Use Corezoid Process Engine to create innovative digital products for your clients.
Why Corezoid?
United ecosystem for managing all company processes
Do you have to look for niche products and hire specialists to solve client tasks? Corezoid is a universal instrument that allows to solve practically any kind of task using only one kind of specialist.
Rapid prototyping and making changes
Does your client want to see a prototype as soon as possible? No problem. Corezoid allows for prototyping products without developers’ help within hours and making changes according to client requirements is just as fast.
Lower time-to-market down to 0
You can advance at the same pace as the market or even faster. Forget about development queues and IT-department dependence. Thanks to low entry threshold any manager can learn how to use Corezoid and create complete business-products within days or weeks, not months or years.
Hosting without hosting
Create products in Corezoid cloud that supports automatic horizontal scaling and you won’t have to employ expensive devops for each cloud platform.
List of certified partners
D2 Digital
Country: Ukraine
- Marketing Automation
- Web/Mob Development
- Chat-bot Development
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Country: Ukraine
- CRM, BPM, ERP Integration
- Web/Mob Development
- Chat-bot Development
- Process Automation
- AI, ML, Computer vision
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Country: Russia
- AI & ML SaaS Dialogue Systems (NLP/NLU-based bots development)
- Chat-bot Development (Telegram, Facebook, VK, Viber, Whatsapp)
- Sales Automation Consulting
- Development of effective sales scripts for chat bot
- Integration with CRM, ERP, RPA
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Certified Corezoid partners receive bonuses for attracting clients and have access to free master classes meant for employee training, lead stream from Corezoid website and a list of available certified specialists.
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