Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the value of Corezoid for a company? Could you provide examples from real life?
Corezoid allows you to move from hardcoding to process assembly. It exponentially speeds up the entire company. Corezoid makes it much easier and faster to launch new products. People not acquainted with programming languages can work with Corezoid. Companies no longer need an army of developers. Managers and business analysts can focus on the most important issue – creation of solid business processes, rather than spending time writing Technical Design Assignments, in kick-off meetings, working with the IT department and waiting for testers. For example, there were 34 developers in Internet Banking Department at PrivatBank before Corezoid implementation. Now, nine people are able to cope with this work.
Do I need to know programming languages to work with Corezoid?
No, there is no need for programming languages. Logical thinking and simple skills of algorithm development would be enough.
What is Corezoid’s role in the software architecture of my company? Does it completely replace my software packages or integrate with them somehow?
Corezoid easily