Based on Corezoid Process Engine "Nova Poshta" launched a service for managing the postomats

The “Nova Poshta” company announced the beginning of the installation of the new model of postomats – they do not have displays, where you need to enter a code, and the cells are opened using the Nova Poshta mobile application. The company has already installed 200 new postomats near ATB stores in 95 cities of Ukraine.


When the parcel arrives at the postomat, the client receives a notification, then he needs to go to the postomat with his phone and click the "open cell" button in the mobile application. This is a proprietary development of “Nova Poshta”, which is designed to make the service as simple and safe as possible for customers.

Our main goal is to be closer to our customers, so we chose ATB stores to install postomats, because ATB shops are literally on every corner. Now, when you go to the store for groceries, you can immediately pick up your parcel there – it is convenient and saves time," – says Alexander Lisovets, the Head of the “Novobox” postomats network.

By the end of this year, Nova Poshta plans to scale the project and install postomats throughout the ATB retail chain. ATB chain of stores includes 1137 stores in 293 locations across 24 regions of Ukraine.


The project was implemented together with the technology partner of “Nova Poshta” - Middleware Inc. company (the USA) based on Corezoid Process Engine.

Sources:, “Nova Poshta”.

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