η!Transformers partners with Middleware Inc


September 13-th, Nijmegen – η!Transformers, a recently formed Dutch business technology venture, has established a partnership with Middleware Inc, a multinational technology company, to use Middleware technologies (which include: Corezoid Process Engine, Deepmemo Rules Engine, Sender Communication Engine and Control.Events) to drive successful digital transformation for their clients.

The partnership aims to target the Nordic and Benelux markets and revolutionize event driven and messaging based solutions in specific business domains: Banking, Retail, Healthcare and Public Sector. Delivering bespoke future-ready composable software due to its ability to adapt rapidly to market's needs.

Key element is the Corezoid event processing platform, which is part of Mambu’s Core Banking platform. η!Transformers will not only develop software much faster than using traditional software development tooling, the tailormade applications will also be able to scale to large usage volumes extremely efficient, compared with other process-driven lowcode platforms. In addition, η!Transformers aims to build market-specific SaaS solutions with the Corezoid Process engine.

Corezoid is a market leader in event driven and messaging based software, with a proven client record in the world, including Mambu's Core Banking platform! For banks, spending a lot of money on mobile apps, this offers an interesting alternative: the very innovative mobile app approach of banking app functionality in existing messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Viber, Telegram, Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messages: much faster to build, less explanation needed for users, e.g., a win-win situation!

Aernoudt Bottemanne, co-founder of η!Transformers, “We are very pleased to be the official Middleware Inc. representation in the Benelux and Nordics. The need for our clients to be adaptable for change, critically needed towards the future, requires the use of smart technology platforms to enable a composable application development approach. For customers this means the adoption of a combination of process and event driven tooling will be essential.”

Sergii Danylenko, Middleware Inc's Partnership and Marketing Manager, indicates that "η!Transformers team has a profound experience working on digital transformation projects in the Benelux and Nordics regions. We are looking forward to start working with η!Transformers as a part of our strategy of growing a global Partner network".

About η!Transformers

We help you deliver innovative new business (models) in a sustainable way, with great user experience, competitively priced, and: fast! The combination of our unique way of working (based on the Exponential Organizations approach (OpenEXO) together with our business and technology expertise and partnerships makes you run a different race! More information on website η!Transformers.

For additional information, email (+31 6 29565247).

About Middleware Inc

Founded 2014, Middleware Inc is a Redwood California based multinational pioneer in complex event processing and messaging software.

Corezoid platform is used by companies like Western Union, METRO Cash&Carry, Philip Morris, Glovo, Mambu, Monobank, TBC Space Bank and others from different industries and regions of the world. Middleware is AWS Technology Partner (Financial Services Competency); Messaging Service Provider for Apple Business Chat and Google Business Messages, technology partner of Visa, Rakuten Viber, Fintech Farm.

For additional information, email (+19089554333).

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