LANIT BPM enters into strategic partnership with Middleware

LANIT BPM (affiliate of LANIT Group of Companies) has formed a strategic partnership with Middleware, a global Corezoid software manufacturer, that helps companies to manage technologies.

Igor Pototsky, CEO of LANIT BPM and Alexander Vityaz, President of Middleware Inc., signed an agreement on cooperation in the development of innovative Corezoid-based digital products. This is the first official partnership in Russia for working with this platform.

Corezoid was developed by Middleware to manage any business technologies. Corezoid enables a company to create its own “digital core” and dramatically reduce time-to-market for new products and services as well as cut the maintenance costs of existing ones.

“Digital transformation is not just a reality but a necessary condition for survival in a competitive struggle. The success is dependent of a number of factors, including the speed of launching a new product, versatility of tools for solving various tasks, and flexibility of setting up processes. The emergence of such high-tech products as Corezoid catalyzes further execution of transformation processes in companies. Changes in the organization occur much faster when there is a digital core, a process system, controlled by the business itself. Bringing client services to the next level is the basis for the development of the entire business ecosystem of Russia,” said Igor Pototsky, General Manager of Lanit BPM.

“The unique expertise of LANIT BPM in business process automation in combination with the Corezoid digital core will simplify and speed up digital transformation of organizations in a qualitative way,” said Alexander Vityaz, President of Middleware Inc.

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