How to quickly grow express-delivery market: Glovo and Corezoid Hyperautomation Engine case


According to the results of 2020, Glovo express delivery service managed to increase the category of delivery from groceries up to 500%. A significant role in this achievement was played by the technology partner of Glovo in Ukraine, Middleware Inc. (the USA) and their Corezoid Hyperautomation Engine technology.

Glovo is a hyper-local marketplace that connects users, partners and couriers. Interaction with all the platform participants is automated as much as possible. Users in the app see stores and locations placed within a certain radius, with a relevant menu or a virtual shelf of goods. When a user confirms an order, the automatic order distribution system finds the nearest couriers who will pick up the order and deliver it.

This year, the main Glovo service strategy was to create and expand the list of application features. Given the lockdown, Glovo express delivery has become one of the ways to support Ukrainian business during unfavorable market conditions. Therefore, it was important for the service to speed up a connection process for the new partners, like different locations and retailers. Fast and effective partners integration to Glovo platform depends not only on the negotiations progress regarding the terms of cooperation and signing a contract. A huge amount of work is data exchange and technical support set up.

Corezoid Hyperautomation Engine technology by Middleware Inc (USA) helped to quickly integrate and update partners' data on Glovo platform.

Corezoid is a cloud operating system for creating IT solutions with the use of automata programming methods. In 2020, Glovo service with the help of Corezoid integrated the largest retail chains in Ukraine: Auchan, Novus, Silpo, Varus, Fora. Corezoid works as an integration platform for Glovo and its partners: groceries, restaurants, pharmacies. Corezoid allows Glovo to quickly integrate new partner stores, convert data from Glovo partner applications into a format for the user, update the availability and cost for goods, transmit information about the user's order or cancel it.

Before the lockdown the percentage of ready-made meal delivery from the Food bubble on Glovo platform was about 97%. After that, users increasingly began to use other service options and actively order from the Groceries bubble. Therefore, the orders share from the Food bubble dropped to 89%, but the categories of delivery from groceries continue to grow rapidly: 3-5 times a week.

“Today, Glovo express delivery service provides the largest number of goods from supermarkets. We see that most of the users who during the lockdown used delivery from the supermarkets transformed into our permanent clients, and some became Glovo Prime subscribers. We strive to continue expanding the category of delivery from groceries, invest in its development, launch related business models on the “dark store” principle, because this is an important stage in Ukrainian omnichannel retail growth”, – says Dmitry Rasnovsky, General Manager of Glovo in Ukraine.

Before using Corezoid, the full list of goods uploading for each store from the partners' chain to Glovo platform was made once a day and took several hours. Now it happens instantly, without additional involvement of human manual work, and besides this, it improves Glovo app user experience.

“We started collaboration with Glovo service in 2019 and were the first food retailer in Ukraine to join the platform. Now delivery by Glovo couriers is carried out from 23 Auchan stores in 8 cities. Together with Glovo partners, we immediately understood how important for the application user to have access to an already personalized range of products that would best suit his needs. Therefore, interaction with Corezoid platform was necessary, because it allowed us to quickly manage the products selection and pricing in the app, optimizing the process of generating and transmitting data from an hour to a few minutes ”- says Anastasia Archipenko, responsible for digital projects, Auchan Retail Ukraine.

“One of the main Corezoid advantages is facilitating the rapid launch of new products on the market. According to our statistics, compared to traditional software development approaches, Corezoid accelerates projects launch in 7-10 times,” – says Olga Hudik, Chief Business Development Officer of Middleware Inc.

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