Apartments booking service announced the launch of messenger-based solutions running on Corezoid


Online booking service, as part of its digital transformation strategy, announced the launch of messengers-based solutions. Together with technology partner Middleware Inc. (the USA), launched chatbots to support users in Viber, Telegram and Facebook messenger.

“We switched from working with the rather expensive Zendesk to Corezoid + Sender. We launched live chat support on the web-site and set up the delivery of event-based messages to clients in messengers. As the next step we plan to start using an e-mail channel for sending service tickets,” – says Vladimir Bezlyudny, Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Corezoid allowed to lay the foundation of its own “digital core” for robust communication with customers. Dobovo business analysts can now quickly work with the messenger APIs, test business hypotheses, and track statistics on real time dashboards.

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