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Amazon Marketplace is hot. Cloud technologies are hot. The FinTech industry is vibrant. Banks are doing their best to survive, change, innovate and become technology companies. A huge battle is unfolding. Here’s a game-changing piece of news: Corezoid cloud OS that lets you create a digital core and start running your cloud-based back-end is now for sale on Amazon.

The issue is that most of the banks have added new technology capabilities for access as channels on their old systems so the backend сore systems are last century.

The reason it’s not working anymore is customers to see the cracks in the wall, because banks have backend systems that are cracking and aching with legacy.

Chris Skinner, author of the “Digital Bank” bestseller.

Corezoid can fix that problem - it is a platform for building agile processes that are triggered by real-time events. Corezoid is a PaaS tool for creating IT solutions with the use of automata-based programming with explicit state selection. According to a Gartner report, by next year some 70% of the most profitable organizations will manage their business processes using real-time analytics and collaboration. Those that do not are risking missing the train.

To provide the widest array of potential experiences, our underlying technology needs to become truly modular. We need the equivalent of Lego blocks supporting a wide array of designs simply and efficiently. To do this, software innovators need to decompose solutions down to the lowest common levels for the developers who rely on them.

Maxwell Wessel from Techcrunch Network.

Corezoid is exactly that kind of tool. And now it’s available for global access on Amazon Marketplace. Developers from all over the world can create their own digital core to run and control all the processes existing in the company. The Corezoid team has already set up processes for MasterCard, Western Union, Wargaming, Yandex, and NEXT. Corezoid’s biggest corporate client is PrivatBank (Ukraine) with 33,000 processes running in the cloud.

Corezoid grants visibility into all aspects of systems’ operations by providing real-time dashboards of business processes as they happen, 24x7. Business processes’ states are now explicit and visible vs. being hardcoded somewhere deep in the code. Systems to support business processes are now being assembled on-demand in an intuitive way to respond to business stakeholders instead of being hardwired once and for all. As legacy systems are being phased out and replaced, Corezoid helps to move processing to the cloud away from home-grown facilities.

In a few words, Corezoid is Tesla in the world of back-end IT systems. It’s a turnkey, plug-and-play solution for a digital core that fits any size of company in any industry.

Corezoid is a breakthrough, transformative technology. Real-time, holistic business process management is a departure from the traditional siloed model in which many leading vendors excel. Given the sizes of their existing codebase and the underpinning architectural assumptions, they are somewhat slow to embrace the new Big Process model. Corezoid has been created from scratch with real-time responsiveness, transparency and agility in mind, giving it the edge over more traditional systems. The traditional BPM vendors (Oracle, SAP, Effectiv, jBPM, etc.) are big, pricy systems that are less likely to take into account the needs any particular customer.

On a global scale, the value of investment in financial technology ventures amounted to approximately three billion U.S. dollars in 2013 and was projected to grow to around eight billion U.S. dollars in 2018.

Corezoid is a company founded in 2014 and registered in the USA, with a developers office in Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine). Its biggest private investor is PrivatBank (Ukraine). The Corezoid team gained worldwide traction after participating in Finovate Spring 2015 (San Francisco), presenting at The Financial Services Club (London), and through publications in international media.

Corezoid’s pricing model on Amazon Marketplace is agile. Clients pay only for the amount of resources they consume: USD 0.056/hr – USD 0.112/hr for Amazon hosting and USD 0.10/hr -USD 0.22/hr for Corezoid software.

We made it possible for clients from all over the world to have easy access to Corezoid cloud OS based on Amazon’s ecosystem, that is acknowledged as trustworthy and reliable.

Alexander Vityaz, Corezoid founder

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