Glovo improved delivery from the Papa John`s pizza chain in Kazakhstan


December 4, 2020, Astana. – Glovo express delivery service continues to launch new delivery points in Kazakhstan together with its technology partner, Middleware (USA). Using Corezoid Process Engine technology, Glovo has integrated pizza delivery services from the Papa John’s chain in Kazakhstan. Also Glovo and Middleware already have a history of successful cooperation in Ukraine.

Andrei Gomilin, Executive Director of Papa John’s Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, shares his first impressions of cooperation: “It is important for us to optimize our business processes in order to efficiently use human resources. Each of our employees must perform their functions. The cashier must accept payments, the back office employees must have easy and constant access to numbers and analytics, the waiter must know how to serve the guest, etc. If at least one of these processes goes wrong it can affect the quality of the whole business.

A simple example: the cashier was busy with the guest and entered the order 10 minutes later, respectively, the kitchen started preparing this order later. The Glovo courier had to wait longer for the order. And, in the end, the guest did not receive his order on time, which is unacceptable for us. One mistake – and that's it, the whole mechanism is broken. As a result, we will get an unhappy client.

It is very important to use modern technologies. Integration of Glovo orders will be a jumpstart for our further development."

When you capture a new market, it's important to do it fast. The speed of connecting new delivery points and the ability to quickly experiment with business processes, set assumptions and find the most effective solutions are important for me”, – says Karim Boguspaev, general manager Glovo Kazakhstan.

Today Glovo is used by more than 1.8 million customers every month around the world, and the number of associated partners reaches 25,000. Glovo service is already operating in 248 cities across 26 countries on three continents: Europe, Africa, Central and South America.

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