Glovo express delivery service started cooperation with ATB retail chain based on Corezoid Hyperautomation Engine


April 21, 2021, Kyiv. – Glovo express delivery service has started cooperation with the largest supermarkets chain in Ukraine - ATB. The integration of a new partner into Glovo app was done based on Corezoid Hyperautomation Engine technology by Middleware Inc (the USA).

Glovo service, which delivers everything within the city - meals from the restaurants, products from supermarkets, goods from shops and pharmacies, continues to grow its partners' network and expand the range of products that would best suit the app users' needs.

This year, an important vector of work for Glovo is the Q-Commerce division development and its multi-category offers. In all markets where the service is present, Glovo pays special attention to the integration of key local players, and in Ukraine that was ATB retail chain, which today has more than 1,200 stores in 316 cities.

"I am convinced that the express delivery service, including deliveries from retail, supermarkets and pharmacies, has a great potential. Over the past year, we have managed to significantly increase the category of delivery from supermarkets, integrating to the application a number of Ukrainian stores and offering our users more opportunities. We monitor the impact of delivery from retail stores on our business growth, and we can see some great results. We have supermarket-partners, where the share of sales through the Glovo service exceeds 10% of the total supermarket turnover. Today we are starting an important partnership with ATB chain and are pleased to offer a new service and experience for their customers", – said Dmitry Rasnovsky, General Manager of Glovo in Ukraine.

“Our development strategy is based on our client's interests and needs. We systematically approach issues that are important to more than four million of our customers such as comfort, convenience, guaranteed quality and affordable price. We manage to solve these tasks effectively thanks to the implementation of modern innovative solutions, creation of additional customer services. Integration with Glovo express delivery service not only significantly saves our client's time, but also minimizes possible risks in context of epidemiological situation in the country (or lockdown)"- comments the Chairman of the Board, CEO of ATB Corporation Boris Markov.

ATB supermarket chain integration into the Glovo service platform has traditionally been implemented on the basis of Corezoid Hyperautomation Engine technology. Thanks to this technology, Glovo service quickly adds new partner's chain locations to be accessible for the clients, adapts some supermarket data to a format for Glovo application users, updates goods availability and price on time.

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