Glovo announced partnership with robotic pharmacies "Pharmacy ANC", "Pharmacy Kopiyka", "Pharmacy Shar@"


May 24, Kyiv. – Glovo express delivery service continues to onboard new partners, retailers, shops and pharmacies, that are popular among Ukrainians. Today Glovo announced partnership with robotic pharmacies under the brands “Pharmacy ANC”, “Kopiyka”, “Shar@”. Pharmacies were integrated into the Glovo application using Corezoid Hyperautomation Engine technology developed by Middleware Inc. company (the USA).

Glovo service is actively developing the Q-Commerce business unit, which provides express delivery from retail, supermarkets and pharmacies. Glovo is working to increase the range of goods, which it’s possible to order through the app and plans to develop retail delivery vertical through partnerships with major national chains. Robotic pharmacies "Pharmacy ANC", "Pharmacy Kopiyka", "Pharmacy Shar@" have 960 stores in 140 cities of Ukraine.

Glovo users can now order goods and drugs from ANC Pharmacies in the bubble «Health and Beauty» and receive delivery in less than an hour. An easy to understand menu and filters will help you navigate the pharmacy products in the Glovo app.

"The delivery market in Ukraine has grown over the past year, and lockdown was one of the major drivers. Many people tried online services for the first time, in particular, express delivery services, and continued to use them. This year we want to increase the number of customers by providing quality service, as well as connect new popular retail partners, such as robotic pharmacies under the brands "Pharmacy ANC", "Kopeyka", "Shar@ ”, – said Dmitry Rasnovsky, General Manager of Glovo in Ukraine.

"Our goal is to increase the availability of drugs for the people by developing omnichannel services for health. The omnichannel principle is implemented on our website, Viber chatbot and mobile application. This is the way to be connected with our customers and guarantee to deliver up to date offers in a convenient way for every client. So, the cooperation with Glovo exactly corresponds to our strategy, – said Vyacheslav Sauts, ANC Pharmacy Marketing Director.

The project was implemented based on the Corezoid Process Engine together with the Glogo technology partner – Middleware Inc. company (the USA). Corezoid technology allows to instantly update prices in the Glovo mobile app, download and update instantly the full ANC Pharmacies product list.

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