Middleware and Epicentr K companies have announced their partnership


Middleware (USA) and Epicenter K companies announced the start of cooperation on digital transformation projects. As a first step, Epicenter K utilizes the proprietary Middleware Corezoid Process Engine ( technology to launch chat bots in Telegram, Viber and to conduct NPS surveys on the quality of service in Epicenter K shopping centers.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a service quality metric developed by Fred Reicheld. At all points of contact where the customer most often interacts with the service (cash desks, info desks, service departments, etc.), QR codes are posted, with the help of which the client can leave feedback and complete an NPS survey by answering a simple question: "Please, rate how likely it is that you'd recommend purchasing at Epicenter?".

Buyers who gave 9-10 rates are considered "promoters", 7-8 - "neutral", 6 and less - detractors. Accordingly, the business has the opportunity to quickly respond to situations when customers are unhappy with something, and constantly improve the quality of service. Understanding loyalty and disloyalty drivers paves the way for continuous business process improvement.

In 2021, scientists from the United Kingdom and Ireland published a study entitled "The use of Net Promoter Score (NPS) to predict sales growth: insights from an empirical investigation" in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. As a result of empirical analysis, a relationship was found between the growth of NPS and the increase in sales. One point increase in NPS turned out to predict 1.46% sales growth in the next business quarter.

Yuri Kudlyk, Director of online sales and customer service department of the e-commerce direction at Epicenter K, shared the results of the first joint project with Middleware: “The Middleware Corezoid Process Engine ( technology enables us to solve a set of customer service tasks:

  • collecting feedback from customers at service points in Epicenter K shopping centers
  • maintaining correct routing of feedback from customers to the support service and to the management of the Epicenter K shopping center, which allows us to quickly respond to requests and efficiently close the loop with the customer
  • quick setup of integration with messenger APIs and with the Epicenter K internal systems, including the CRM system
  • displaying NPS statistics on dashboards in real time
  • sending operational summary reports to retail managers once a day

We are currently working on a number of digital transformation projects and building a customer experience management ecosystem”.

Corezoid Bot Platform is integrated with Viber, Telegram, Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messages, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp for Business, Line, WeChat, Sender and other platforms with open APIs. Working with instant messengers is a firm first step towards building the “digital core” of a company.

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