Corezoid Process Engine was approved to run on Alibaba Cloud


24 March 2020, Redwood, California. – Middleware Inc. (the USA) and its technology Corezoid Process Engine have been validated to run on Alibaba Cloud. You can now use Corezoid Process Engine with Alibaba Cloud’s suite of cloud services to build, host and run your business processes, applications and online business on an unrivaled developer environment.

Corezoid Process Engine is the tool to build, manage, host and run your processes in the cloud without coding. Corezoid dramatically reduces time-to-market speed and decreases maintenance costs by shifting the paradigm from hardcoding processes by developers to assembling processes by any business analyst.

Achieving the Alibaba Cloud ready status differentiates Middleware as a company with a generally available product that runs on Alibaba Cloud and fully supports Alibaba customers. Middleware has demonstrated success building products integrated with cloud platforms and helping customers evaluate and use their technology productively, at scale and varying levels of complexity. All these practices match Alibaba Cloud’s ethos to help power and grow your business.

You can find out more about Corezoid on Alibaba Cloud here.

Following the global multi-cloud strategy, Corezoid Process Engine is also available on AWS Marketplace and Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.

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