Case 1: Automatic control of customer repayments to the bank

Previous scheme Scheme via Corezoid
IT department is not involved IT works:
1 person on backend development — 50 hours,
1 person on frontend development — 90 hours,
Meetings — 4 hours
Manual control — 44 hours per month Manual control — 2 hours per month

Ms. Yana Nagaitseva, deputy head of the Back-Office division:

The customer applies for a discount on the Bank’s desktop services, the Bank agrees in case the customer subscribes to the Bank’s additional products (retail takings & cash collection, retail payments by card, salary etc.)

Previously, when a customer received such a discount the Bank checked manually whether the customer had fulfilled his promise or not. The difficulty was that the manual control should be processed via different software systems and the Bank’s operator should not forget to do it every day. Everything was based on a human factor. Salary project subscribing for the customer had been checked, while checking his promise to open a deposit had been forgotten. The customer was marked as having fulfilled all his obligations, since in fact the customer did not fund the deposit.

Communications with customers were held via the Bank’s regional offices. Thus, It was rather difficult to realise whether the customer was properly explained about the necessity of his subscription to the additional products without an impression of products being «imposed». If the customer did not fulfill the agreement, it was important to explain him correctly why he was cut off from the discount.


Now, working via Corezoid, an operator while registering a discount needs just to enter additional terms in the case and to call a customer. The event is generated automatically, the operator only explains to the customer the terms of the preferential tariff.

After this, only machines work:

  • automatically monitor registering of additional products; if missing any, they remind the customer via banners in Privat24, via email or SMS messages;
  • escalate the case, if the customer has not complied with the terms within the agreed period. In this instance operator should just turn off the discount on the Bank’s desktop services.

As this business process was just enhanced, but was not constructed from scratch, I spent only one hour to learn it.

Corezoid allows each operator to save 1 minute per customer daily. This was the time that manual monitoring had taken. If the customer traffic will grow time savings will increase respectively.

At the start of the Corezoid implementation I elucidated details with developers daily. At the moment, I am reaching out to them one time a week.

Here are the advantages of Corezoid that I found for myself:

  • the automation of monitoring that previously was to be done manually;
  • a simple operator interface that makes it easy to fill in the case and does not require the «sacred» knowledge of an operator;
  • the minimum information you need to put in the case;
  • contacts with customers only from the head office allows us to communicate with them in the proper format;
  • creation of a General repository for discounts of all customers.

In general, Corezoid means simplified operating. To service each customer by 1 minute faster — it’s very valuable.

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