AVON started building a “digital core” based on Corezoid


14 May 2018 – following its Digitalization strategy, Avon started working with a Technology partner – Middleware Inc. company (USA), owner of Corezoid Process Engine technology.

“We are glad to work with Middleware company. Their Corezoid technology allows us to validate our assumptions in a fast and agile manner, and develop new services for our Clients and Representatives. As the first step we created a bot in Viber messenger, that automates customer support and offers a more streamlined user experience”

Dmitriy Rosnovsky, Head of Digital Eastern Europe, AVON Beauty Products Company.

Middleware tools allowed Avon business analysts, using Viber messenger APIs, to set up communication with leads, Clients, employees and Avon Representatives. Avon managers can track real-time statistics of all the activities performed by Representatives and Clients, as well as quickly react to their constantly changing needs.

Avon bot in Viber messenger allows to check Avon products catalogue, order items, find the nearest Representative, subscribe to news and promos, evaluate the work of Representative.

As a company, Avon moved away from waterfall IT-development cycle to assembling processes in Corezoid. Avon focused energy of employees on a fast building of bots, and their constant improvement based on real-time feedback from users.

In such a way, Avon laid the foundation for a company’s “digital core”. Avon business analysts are now able to assemble and fine-tune business processes, without the pain of waiting in a queue for IT-development. Employees of IT-department got the opportunity to focus on development of APIs needed for business people. Following this strategy, Avon will be able to experiment fast with new ideas, and constantly improve the quality of client service as well as company’s business indicators.

About Avon

Avon – one of the global leading cosmetics direct sales companies with annual turnover $9 bln. Founded almost 130 year ago, Avon team today has 33,000 employees and more than 6 mln. Representatives all over the world. Avon is a full-cycle company, that has its own manufacturing enterprises and delivery chains. Besides, Avon business structure includes modern R&D centers, where the company is working non stop on beauty-innovations. Avon offers fashionable accessories and home appliances under the trade-marks Avon True, Mark, ANEW, Avon Care, Advance Techniques and many others.

About Middleware

Middleware was founded in August, 2014 and registered in the USA. Business office is located in Redwood (California), developer office in Dnipro (Ukraine). Middleware has 70 employees. Key customers include Western Union, Avon, METRO, Philip Morris, TBC Bank, Tsesna bank, 1+1, Varus, Avias, Comfy. Main products: Corezoid Process Engine, Sender Communication Engine, Deepmemo Rules Engine.

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