A-Bank has integrated medical expert system for predicting the coronavirus COVID-19


April 7, 2020 Dnipro, Ukraine. – A-Bank integrated a medical expert system for preliminary diagnosis of coronavirus. Expert system was built by A-Bank Technology partner – Middleware Inc. company (the USA) with the help of the specialists of the medical platform Expert system is available to Internet users anywhere in the world through the Viber-account of A-Bank.

“We created a medical expert system and allowed customers to access it through Apple Business Chat, – said Victoria Fesko, a business analyst at Middleware. We ask users to answer several questions, and then the expert system gives an answer if there is suspicion for coronavirus infestation. The service is implemented using Prolog language based on the Deepmemo Rules Engine platform. Integration with A-Bank was powered by Corezoid Process Engine”.

“Our customers can use all the services of A-Bank online, – says Olga Vovk, Head of Digital. Coronavirus pre-diagnosis is a digital service that we decided to make available to all Internet users, not just A-Bank customers. To do this, just register in the public account of A-Bank in Viber and answer a few questions. We urge all customers of the bank to take care of themselves and their loved ones, observe the regime of self-isolation and do all sorts of transactions online”.

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