Middleware releases first 128 Corezoid certificates for developers

May 4, 2020, Redwood, California. – Middleware Inc. announced the company issued the first 128 certificates to Corezoid developers. At the moment, certification can be done online for free at

“I didn’t think it would happen, but it's fantastic! I passed certification for the Corezoid Middle level yesterday, published a photo of my certificate on LinkedIn, they hammered all my private messages with job offers. Actually, 31 people reached out to me,” – says Vladyslav, one of the developers who received the certificate.

Corezoid has 3 certification levels: Junior, Middle, and Senior. The first level you can take online yourself. The second two levels must be requested on the site and then you receive individual task from Middleware.


Developers who have been certified receive invitations to a private Telegram group for the exchange of experience (optional).

“We have just launched a certification program and are constantly working to improve it,” – says Maxim Bondar, Head of Corezoid Certification Center. – We are pleased to issue the first 100 Junior certificates and the first 28 Middle. Now we’re finishing the design of the Senior level certification program.”

“We are surprised by the speed of Corezoid developers. Following the old habits we issued Jira tickets for the 17 days of development. Corezoid developer completed all the tasks in 1 day”, – commented Alexander, Project manager in the logistics company, Middleware client.

“As a Middleware partner, we hired Corezoid developers to work for our portfolio company Also we plan to use Corezoid in other companies from our portfolio,” – says Denis Valvachev, senior managing partner at Quarter Partners, an investment company. – We develop all the businesses in which we invest. Therefore, it is important for us to help portfolio companies to build their own digital core, as well as a modern and sustainable IT infrastructure.”

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